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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

When putting your displays together and you want it to attract customers, you need to build up the look to represent the kind of product you are selling. This is called building a vignette. For instance you're selling transferware. Build the look up by putting all the transfer ware together with other items that have that "french cottage" look. You can also pair them up with white Stoneware. Add baskets, flowers, lace, anything made up in toile fabric would give a great finishing touch too.. It's "power of suggestion" to help them figure out why I want it and what to do with it.

Subtle Silver Displays

Lets say you found some great silverware now what? Sometimes to create a good display of certain items it's a good idea to build your inventory. Keep on adding to that pile of silver items until there is quite a collection. That's when you put it out for sale in a "silver vignette".

Give these wonderful tarnished pieces a new purpose

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