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For all of you out there, "Don't get discouraged"

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

I have had my own business for many years and have met all kinds of people in the professional industry. So I have a few things to say to those wonderful entrepreneurs just starting out or still at it after a few years don't get discouraged Represent yourself in the best way you know how, keep it clean, organized and PRICE EVERYTHING...but dont get discouraged Doing something you love does have it's advantages and there are plenty of people out there who will love your stuff, so don't get discouraged Even when customers walk out empty handed, they'll be back. You are a conscious buyer yourself, relax but dont get discouraged When store owners give you empty promises, ghost you or just like to talk but never follow through, that's them being unaccountable. So hear them, and wait for them to follow through and then get excited.But if they don't, that's ok. Now you know who not to take seriously so keep up the great work and don't get discouraged. by Angela Resendiz

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