The Shabby French Home

    The Shabby French home is a collection of Art, Creations and Vintage findings

by Angela Resendiz. I am a Painter, Seamstress, Mixed Media and Textile Artist. I love to mix it all together to create fun and unique works of art. I hope my whimsical designs sets off your imagination.


    To stay active in this creative business, I find that reinventing your business consistently keeps it fresh and interesting to you and your customers


     Along with this Web Store I also sell my products at  "pop up" events. They are so much fun. I also bring my vintage finds, Fabric and trim bundles and a whole lot more. 



2021 schedule 

  • Sun, May 02
    Springfield Banquet Center
    beautiful booths of brilliant artist and vintage collectors. Jewelry, handmade, vintage finds, Eye candy
  • coming this Fall
    Santa Ana
    Wonderful Vintage and Handmade Market place in the beautiful grounds of the Heritage Museum

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